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Beijing zhongke guoji information co., LTD. Website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") privacy protection statement, is the website to protect personal privacy commitment. In view of the characteristics of the Internet network, this website will interact with you directly or indirectly, so I hereby explain the website's policies on the collection, use and protection of your personal information, please be sure to read carefully:
I. personal data
When you interact with the website, with your consent and confirmation, the website will ask you to provide some personal information through registration forms, orders and other forms. These personal data include:
Personal identification information: such as name, gender, age, id number (or passport number), telephone, mailing address, address, zip code, E-mail address, etc.
Personal background: occupation, education level, income status, marriage, family status.
Without your consent and confirmation, except as required by national laws, local regulations and government regulations, the website warrants that such personal information will not be provided to any private company or individual and will only be used in conjunction with the relevant government departments as required.
Second, information security
This website will use appropriate technology to strictly manage and protect the personal data you provide to prevent the loss, theft or tampering of personal data. In order to protect personal information, the website will entrust professional and technical personnel to deal with the said information if necessary, and inform you of the processing arrangement in time. But after processing, you still have the right to request the computer to stop processing.
The validity of the information
The website does not control or warrant the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information on the websites to which it is linked.
The principle of limiting utilization
The use of the personal data collected on this website shall be limited to the extent necessary only under the following conditions:
(I) your written consent has been obtained;
(2) in order to avoid immediate danger to your life, body or property;
(3) to prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;
(4) to promote the public interest without prejudice to your major interests.
Disclosure of personal data
When government agencies require the website to disclose personal data in accordance with statutory procedures, the website will provide personal data at their request or for purposes of public safety; This website is not responsible for any disclosure in such circumstances.
6. Online survey activities
This website will organize online survey activities from time to time, and any information you publish will become public information. Therefore, we remind you and ask you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in these activities.
7. Protection of minors' privacy rights
(a) this website protects the personal data of minors through computer technology, hereby solemnly declares that any adult under the age of 16 who participates in online activities shall obtain the prior verifiable consent of their parents or legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as "guardians").
The guardian shall bear the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy rights of minors in the Internet environment.
(c) when the website deems it necessary to collect the personal data of minors, it shall, for the purpose of replying to the specific request of minors, delete the data from the records upon completion of the reply, and shall not retain or use the data. It shall guarantee that it will not require minors to provide additional personal data as a condition of allowing them to participate in online activities.
(d) without the consent of the guardian, the website will not use the personal data of minors, nor will it disclose or transmit them to any third party. If this website collects the names of guardians or minors or other online communication information, it is only to meet the requirements of the guardians; If the guardian waives the request at a certain time, the website will voluntarily delete such information from the record.
(e) with the consent of the guardian, the website may collect the personal data of minors and provide the guardian with:
1. To examine the opportunities of collecting information for their children or ward;
2. To deny any further opportunity for the personal data of his or her children or ward to be collected or used;
3. Ways to change or delete the personal data of their children or ward.
(6) the guardian has the right to refuse further contact with his or her child or ward.
Eight, liability,
Except as provided in article 7 above, the website shall not be liable for any of the following circumstances:
(1) any disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal data caused by hacking, computer virus invasion or outbreak, government control and other force majeure.
(2) any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal data by other websites linked to this website.
The privacy statement of this website shall be modified and updated by Beijing zhongke guoji information co., LTD.

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