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Welcome to visit the website of Beijing science and technology information system co., LTD. Please read the full statement of this website, including the relevant laws, regulations and the privacy policy of this website.
This statement contains the terms of use of the Internet. All visitors to this website and the relevant pages accept the following terms and conditions.
Copyright statement:
1. Except as otherwise specified, the copyright in the structure, web design, text, image and other information of this website belongs to Beijing zhongke international information system co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") or its provider. No other person or party shall copy, modify, mirror or otherwise use illegally on a server not owned by the company's website.
2. The copyright rights and interests of contents and images independently designed, written and produced by the website shall belong to the company. If any other person or party wants to reprint or use them in other ways, it shall obtain the written permission of the company.
3. For any violation of relevant national laws and regulations, disrespect of the statement of this website and unauthorized use of the contents of this website without attribution without the consent of the company, the company reserves the right to take legal measures to investigate its legal liabilities.
Company logo statement:
Without the written authorization of the company, no unit or individual shall use in any way the text, graphics or other types of signs that can be used to identify the company and its related businesses.
1. The contents quoted, excerpted or reproduced by this website from a third party are only for the communication or reference of visitors, and the ideas or information in the articles have nothing to do with the company; Any person visiting this website who finds any infringing information in this website, please contact us immediately. If it is infringing information, we will immediately remove it within our responsibility.
2. All information provided on this website is for the reference of visitors only and no express or implied warranty is given by the company as to the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information provided on this website.
3. All information and information relating to the company's products contained in this website shall not constitute any express or implied warranty of the company as to the particular fitness for use or merchantability of the products.

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